Financial Support for Daughter's Wedding

Request Owner: Isra Akhtar

Request Type: Social Services

Focus Group: Women

Start Date: Feb 09,2019

End Date: Mar 23,2019

Location: Chauhdary St, Sultan Bahu Rd, Singhpua, Lahore

Contact Person: Saima Saleem


Request Description
This Request has been fulfilled on 19-Mar-2019. 
Jazak Allah khair to all 16 members who helped to complete the request.

Requester wants CCRC to help the family meet wedding expenses of his daughter. As being a driver of rented rickshaw, he does not make enough money. He had a son who was a thalaseemia patient and died 6 months ago. He had been spending all of his income for the treatment of his son which is why he could not save money for other children in the family. Family has made other arrangements for the wedding which is happening on March 23rd, 2019 and requesting kind donors to help them arrange the cost of food and refreshment for the reception party.

Total Target = Rs. 100,000
Total Raised = Rs. 138,000
Balance to raise = 0

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Financial Support for Daughter's Wedding

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