CRC Self Care Wellness Program

Program Owner: Rumana Rashid

Program Type: Health & Wellness

Focus Group: All

Start Date: Oct 01,2020

End Date: Jan 01,9999

Location: CRC Markham

Contact Person: Ruba Al Wahami


Program Description
*This program is under development at this time* 


Self-care is just about anything to do to be good to oneself. A self-care plan can help to enhance one's health and wellbeing, manage stress. Learn to identify activities and practices that support wellbeing and help to sustain a positive attitude.

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept, in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others.

Self-care is not a selfish act either. It is not only about considering our own needs; it is rather about knowing what we need to do in order to take care of ourselves, being subsequently, able to take care of others as well. That is, if I do not take enough care of myself, I would not be in the place to give to my loved ones either.
Self-care: Develop a Routine That Works For You. -

DO YOU KNOW .......
  • One in five Canadians will have a mental illness in their lifetime. This affects every one of us, whether at work, at home, or in the community. 
  • Mental illness affects people of all ages, educational and income levels, and culture. 
  • Approximately 2.5 million Canadian adults or over 10 percent of the population aged 18 and older will experience a depressive disorder.
  • Poor mental health is not necessarily the same thing as mental illness. 

This program is designed to bring awareness about mental wellbeing, since it affects how we think, feel, and act in our daily lives. 

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Goals and Objectives
The goals of this program are to educate, as well as provide a support system for community members who are interested in learning or who are struggling with mental illnesses. Also the following;

  1. Learn what is self-care 

  2. Learn to manage and reduce stress 

  3. Online Zoom sessions or workshops 

  4. Q & A Sessions with Subject Matter Experts 

  5. Regular Meetings to check the progress 

The main objective is to not only spread awareness about this issue but also assist those who need some advice or guidance in terms of mental health including youth, women, and men.

Benefits Of Self Care 

  • Better productivity. When you learn how to say “no” to things that over-extend you and start making time for things that matter more, you slow life down in a wonderful way. 

    Improved resistance to disease. There is evidence that most self-care activities activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). That means your body goes into a restful, rejuvenating mode.

    Better physical health. Similar to the previous point, with better self-care often comes fewer colds, cases of flu, and upset stomachs. 

    Enhanced self-esteem. When you regularly carve out time that’s only about being good to yourself and meeting your own needs, you send a positive message to your subconscious. 

    Increased self-knowledge. Practicing self-care requires thinking about what you really love to do.

    More to give. When you’re good to yourself, you might think you’re being selfish. In truth, self-care gives you the resources you need to be compassionate to others as well.

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Program Activities
Informative community Zoom sessions that are aimed at tackling different topics related to mental health and awareness. 

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Program Coordinators
Rumana Rashid (
Ruba Al Wahami (
Simranpreet Kaur (

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Admission Requirements
No specific requirements are needed to become a member of the Mental Health and Wellness program. All community members are welcome to join at any time. 

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Program Cost
Free, only requires online registration for the session, listen, and ask questions if any.

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Current Program Needs
Guest speakers who are willing to share their knowledge around topics such as self-care, mental illnesses, therapy, and anything else in relation to mental health. 

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Success Criteria
Offering Zoom sessions regularly and entertainingly engaging the community so that no one loses interest.
We have completed 2 awareness sessions successfully for the ladies group.                                                                                                                         

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CRC Self Care Wellness Program

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