Global Community Development Program

Program Owner: Waqar Afzal

Program Type: Social Services

Focus Group: All

Start Date: Jan 01,2018

End Date: Dec 31,9999

Location: Markham ,Canada

Contact Person: Waqar Afzal


Program Description
Our global community development program bring together individuals and groups on one platform to convert THOUGHTS into ACTIONS, share resources and helps create programs and services in the areas of Business, Education, Social and Character Building that can benefit whole society.

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Goals and Objectives

We have taken a practical approach of taking ACTIONS to transform lives of individuals who can not only fulfill their own learning and social needs but at the same time contribute their time, skill, money and value towards ongoing activities in their own community or other partner communities. Some highlights of these actions are:- 

  1. Provide consulting to community leaders to kickoff Community Development Process.
  2. Provide training to community administrators and community builders to effectively run ongoing activities.
  3. Connect members to build strong teams.
  4. Provide counseling services including individual assessment recommendations for a positive change.
  5. Provide a teaching and learning framework to support continuous learning.
  6. Conduct regular courses, webinars and workshops.
  7. Create training and employment opportunities for youth and adults

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Program Activities

We offer three main components which provide a complete solution for a community to meet its goals and objectives of community development:

1. Online web portal (

Ideal Community is an online web portal connecting communities to shared resources across the globe. The portal provides complete range of features from creating new members, new communities, new activities (i.e. programs, projects, campaigns, scholarships, requests, events), articles, tasks, updates, albums, newsroom, videos, images, document attachments, etc. (Ask us for more details about these services).

2. Team of Community Builders

Our strong team of Community Builders not only actively work in their own communities but are always ready to provide help to other Community Leaders in making their community strong. Our services include Develop, Manage, Advise, Monitor, Train and Camp. (Ask us for more details about these services).

3. Teaching and learning environment

We provide a teaching and learning environment to spread the knowledge and provide training on essential life skills to individuals who want to improve the quality of their lives and lives of people they care. We create online classrooms on need basis to provide personal and professional development training. We also share guides of projects that we have completed in past to allow communities get benefit from out past experiences. Courses and Workshops are stores in an online learning tool for an easy access to material for our learners so they can enhance learning at their own pace.

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Program Coordinators
Many members have contributed towards development of this platform however list of our current team members is mentioned below:


Waqar Afzal (Project Champion / Community Builder)
Shahzad Ishaq (Technical Architect)

Khurshid Chishti (Community Builder)
Mohsin Masood (Community Builder)
Azam Tanveer (Community Builder)
Saud Aslam (Community Builder)


Sumeer Akhter (Lead Developer / Community Builder)
Saad Sohail (Developer / Community Builder)
Fatima Awais (Community Administrator / Community Builder)

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Admission Requirements
We have designed a framework to provide training and employment opportunities for youth and adults to not only create income for themselves but help to manage the operations and complete ongoing activities. We are looking for individuals who would like to work in any of the following areas:

  1. IT Professionals (Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Data Modelers, Quality Assurance Testers).
  2. Content Writers.
  3. Curriculum Developers.
  4. Project Managers
  5. Team Leads
  6. Case managers
  7. Field Workers
  8. Accountants
  9. Teachers / Instructors / Coaches
Communities are responsible to generate their own funds needed to complete their activities and community members wanting to make an income for themselves are responsible to find a sponsor or sell their services. Our platform helps both communities and community members to publish their requests on the web portal so their requests can be seen and supported from donors across the globe.

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Program Cost
This platform is developed to serve humanity and it is not a money making scheme. Communities having skilled volunteers can maintain their own content free of charge. We provide training to community administrators and content developer for an affordable price. Communities can also use our content development services for an affordable price. 

Please contact for more details of type of work that you would like us to help you with,

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Current Program Needs
We are looking for volunteers to join our team of dedicated members and add a value to this platform. We also have a need of funds $1,000  per month to pay for monthly salaries and software license fees. Members interested to participate in development and support of this program can click on "Participate" button and fill out necessary details


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Success Criteria
A happy community that makes a difference.

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Global Community Development Program

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