Women Sewing Training Program

Program Owner: Col (R) Mushtaq Ahmad

Program Type: Social Services

Focus Group: Women

Start Date: Jan 01,2001

End Date: Dec 31,9999

Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Contact Person: Col (R) Mushtaq A.


Program Description

Provide sewing training to women so that can earn a handsome income for their families.

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Goals and Objectives

We are running three Sewing centers, two in Rawalpindi and one in village Taror, Seer Sharqi Abbottabad in hily area. 24 women/ girls are under training in our three centers. Till now 77 have completed training. 

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Program Activities

- Create sewing training centers

- Provide basic and advanced stitching training

- Connect businesses with centers to provide work to trained women

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Program Coordinators

Col (R) Mushtaq Ahmad

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Admission Requirements
Any woman wanting to learn sewing can join this program

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Program Cost

A small fee per month is collected to pay the cost of teaching and material

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Current Program Needs

Your financial support can help us create more sewing training centers and trained more women. 

Connect us with any businesses who can give some work orders to help trained ladies generate some income.

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Success Criteria

Once empowered, women can contribute towards prosperity of their family.

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Work Log

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Visitors: 441


Women Sewing Training Program

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