Innovative Education Program for CCRC Students

Program Owner: Isra Akhtar

Program Type: Education

Focus Group: Children

Start Date: Oct 05,2015

End Date: Dec 31,9999

Location: CCRC, Nafirabad, Lahore

Contact Person: Umair Akhtar


Program Description
This program provides education support to elementary school students to improve their academic performance. Program provides a lot of extra-curricular activities like arts and crafts, public speaking, educational workshops and tours, etc. 
Students are required to attend the academy from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm from Monday to Friday at CCRC.

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Goals and Objectives

We are addressing the challenge of high dropout rates from school due to the lack of interest in studies or parents not able to send their kids to school due to financial reasons. Our goal is to not only make learning fun for student but also to prepare them for success by teaching study skills and other essential life skills to make them a responsible and contributing citizen. 

  • Prepare for High School  
  • Teach Leadership Skills  
  • Teach essential life skills 
  • Provide Career Counseling

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Program Activities

We believe in experiential learning so lots of hands-on activities are part of all of our programs. Few of the activities included in this program are: 

  • In Class lectures 
  • Homework help  
  • Surprise quiz
  • Debates  
  • Outdoor trips 
  • Educational Documentaries 
  • Reflection on Learning 
  • Volunteering  
  • Group projects  
  • Indoor and Outdoor games

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Program Coordinators

Program is run and supervised by our qualified staff who undergo continuous learning to enhance their teaching skills. 

  • Miss Isra (Admin) 
  • Sir Zeeshan (Teacher)  
  • Sir Ameer Hamza (Teacher)  
  • Miss Saima (Teacher)  
  • Miss Aqsa (Teacher)  
  • Sir Shahroz (Teacher) 
  • Sir Ahsan (Teacher)

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Admission Requirements

Program currently limited to higher class students due to space limitation and shortage of resources. 

  • Enrolled in a full-time school in Class 6 to 10 
  • Score a minimum of Grade B in the Entrance Test 
  • Submit Parent Commitment Form to provide necessary support at home

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Program Cost

This is a funded program as we believe that basic education is the need of every children however students are required to contribute towards cost of extra-curricular activities designed to increase emotional wellness and create a strong bond among teachers and students. 

  • Tuition Fees ZERO 
  • Material Fees as needed per activity 
  • Event Fees as needed per event

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Current Program Needs
  • Volunteers to supervise educational and extra-curricular activities on regular basis
  • Bigger space to accommodate more students and improve the quality of services

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Success Criteria

To keep students active in this program they are required to work hard and meet the success criteria in order to maintain the high standard of the program: 

  • Regular Attendance (Above 90%) 
  • Minimum score of Grade A (80% marks) 
  • Minimum of 100 Volunteer Hours per Year
  • Minimum of 3 Star of the month awards 
  • Minimum of 1 participation in city wide competition 
  • Minimum of 1 social club membership

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Innovative Education Program for CCRC Students

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