Chahrain, a model village, located about 36 km away from Pakistan capital Islamabad, provides our community members a chance to deploy their energy and resources to help boost the living standards of the people of this village. We work to empower the locals, in order to do so quite a number of projects are initiated in the village to facilitate its people and to give them awareness, that a difference can be created with collective efforts. One of our projects is Al-Siraj Ladies Sewing Center, formed in early 2018. It was established with an aim to empower women, especially young ladies and to uplift village community. 
Equipped with ten sewing machines and furnished with desks and chairs we ensure comfort of the students coming to the center. It is headed by a qualified sewing trainer, Rabia Babar, she also looks after the institute as principal. Her strong will and determination has led our center to great success in Phase 1 of the project. Phase I of the project basically cover basics about sewing such as cutting, designing and stitching. After each course training a test is conducted and diploma certificate is granted to successful students. At the end of each session a pleasure trip goes to nearby places such as Murree, Islamabad. A lucky qualified lady gets free sewing machine at the end of each session.
We do have a plan to launch Phase II of the project in which trained ladies will be given business opportunities to become more beneficial member of the society as well as for their own family
 Our aim is to make this center a source of earning for girls and women. We need continued support from our kind donors and we also look forward to get local support to make it a exemplary center.
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