Community Resource Centre Markham (CRCM) is a non-profit organization focusing on community development activities in the South East end of Markham. We welcome all members living in our area to join our organization as a member to lead new social and welfare program or projects or join the existing ones. Our mission and an open framework is mentioned below:


CRCM mission is to help make this world a better place for the community. CRCM accomplishes this by:

  • Providing coaching, creating a learning environment and promoting equality;
  • Promoting action and team work for the good of the community; and
  • Mobilizing the appropriate resources to help the underprivileged.

  • CRCM aims to accomplish its goals by creating a platform to facilitate networking and team efforts. CRCM consists of a diversified community, and aims to be an open environment for all members and discourse. Tolerance and respect are integral elements of CRCM’s operation. Members are encouraged to focus on commonalities and not on differences.  
  • Any member can suggest an idea/project. After obtaining clearance from the Board, the member who proposed the idea/project will seek support and resources from their peers. It will be responsibility of the proposing member to sell their idea/project to other members, to arrange the required resources (including human and financial), and to execute it to success.
  • CRCM serves the community without any regard to ethnicity, personal beliefs and/or sect of any religion. CRCM members are required to respect religious beliefs of people and should avoid any confrontation in this respect.
  • Compliance with the laws of Canada and Ontario is mandatory without any exception.
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PTI Winning Celebration 2018
Niagra Falls Discovery Trip 2018
Pakistan Independence Day Celebration 2018
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