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A Care Resource Center formed in 2015, for the community of Nafirabad, is located in Lahore.It was founded with the vision to equip underprivileged children of community with the embellishment of education. Together with a team (tutors, organizers and administrator) we work on the basics of students enrolled in our institute. people who are unable to support their children's education can approach CRC Lahore. We are open to everyone without any discrimination. Admiring the importance of education, we provide individual counselling to students performing below average and try to address their psychological or financial issues to possible extent in order to help them focus on their studies. We have created a learning environment which promotes skill acquirement and skill enrichment among the members of institute. We provide an educational support program for community members to help them become a responsible citizen.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” 

Nelson Mandela

Join our hands to support education to shape a better community and lead towards the beginning of bright future. We shall welcome your participation, feedback and suggestions with pleasure!

What we do?

Our educational support program is running two times a day (Day program & Evening program). During day program our institute is more like a school with zero dues for about 68 students who have no source to support their education. To ensure the quality of education being provided at our school we get support from online course modules of a learning website named IXL. Post school program begins at 04:30 PM. It includes programs i.e. Ladies Sewing Training Center, Early Childhood Education, Community Kitchen, Community Fare and Education Competitions like English, Maths and Science

Our Vision

To develop a community education center, to empower society with all education supporting services free of cost.


Supporting our future generations to become responsible, educated, self-confident and honest; by creating an environment that provides equal opportunities; by investing in the current generation to get the world class education that every Pakistani deserves.


Creative Thinking: Promote Creative Thinking to support innovation
Awareness: Bring Awareness to fight against the ignorance 
Respect: Give Respect as we deserve to be respected 
Equality: Equal opportunity for everyone

What We Do




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