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The Care Community Resource Centre (CCRC) was formed in 2016 to serve the community of Nafirabad (Daroga Wala) – in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The founding vision of CCRC is to provide underprivileged children with education, which meets international standards, through tutoring and mentorship programs.

Our educational focus introduces foundational programs, including: Guided English Reading Program, Arabic and Urdu language courses, Math and Science, and Islamic Studies. We are in the process of developing unique lesson plans for all subjects for grades 6-10. Besides education, we offer a variety of activities such as social clubs, day trips, and projects allowing young people to have opportunities to apply their classroom learning to real world scenarios,. Our goal is help students to reach their full potential by providing a suitable environment to teach our children the importance of leadership, academic excellence and personal development. To help students focus on their studies, we offer Individual counselling and financial assistance to those performing below average academically.

We also seek to support other demographics in the community, starting with education for girls, ages 15-25 and skills training for women over 18.  Currently in development are programs in Early Childhood Education for single mothers, Sewing Training Centre for daily wage laborer’s, and Community Kitchen. We are working closely with education experts to formalize and improve our programs and then share this knowledge with like-minded organizations doing similar work to develop responsible citizens.

We believe in strength-based community development. We use local resources to support local programs and achieve our sustainable community goals. We are actively seek partners and volunteers who can support us with their time, skills, or money. Click on the Activities link to learn more about our programs. Check us out on Facebook at

Through exhaustive research of the best international education systems, we have designed our own Innovative Education Program which meets and exceeds international education standards. 

Our Vision:  Achieve prosperous global communities through awareness, education and empowerment.

Our Slogan:  Care today for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission: Create an environment to promote harmony and happiness for individuals through education, skills training, social activities, and connecting community members with the resources they need to achieve prosperity.

Our Values:

Creative Thinking: To encourage  creative thinking and support innovation
Awareness: To foster awareness to fight against ignorance and apathy
Respect: To give respect as we deserve to be respected 
Equality: To provide an equal opportunity for everyone

“The Power of education empowers communities” 

Sarah Patrick
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