Bright Vision CRC Sahiwal Fundraising Campaign

Campaign Owner: Tahira Asif

Campaign Type: Education

Focus Group: All

Start Date: Sep 23,2020

End Date: Dec 31,9999

Location: Village 114/9L – Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Person: Tahira Asif


Campaign Description
The Bright Vision Community Resource Centre (BVCRC) has been launched as a hub to bring positive change through empowerment to Village 114/9L in Pakistan. The aim of the centre is to provide education and vocational training for children and adults. It will play a critical role in bringing awareness, solving community issues, and achieving common goals through strengthening the bonds among local community members.

The initial focus of this centre in this remote village is to educate children and empower women through adult literacy programs and skills training, including cooking, sewing clothes, and computer workshops. Community events will also be held to bring love, peace, and harmony in the community, which are the key elements for team building to make the impossible possible.

Due to the remoteness of this impoverished village, local resources are essentially unavailable. Parents cannot often educate their children, especially young girls, due to physical, cultural, and monetary limitations. Currently, a house has been rented for hosting the programs, teachers have been engaged, registration has begun, and furniture is being arranged.

Your financial support is needed to achieve this goal. The money raised will be used to pay rent, salaries for teachers, and utility bills, including electricity. Funds will also be used to purchase classroom necessities, including furniture, whiteboard, stationary, and a water cooler.

We have already launched a fundraising campaign within the village and received enough support to initiate this project. In order to continue this mission and improve program quality, we humbly request the financial support and active participation of our esteemed friends and community members. Any members who are interested to join as volunteers and experts can also contact us to discuss how they can contribute toward this noble cause.

Campaign Target = Rs. 200,000 (2 Lakhs)
Monthly Cost = Rs. 39,500 X 3 Months = Rs. 118,500
One time purchase estimate = Rs. 80,000
Monthly Expenses: 
- House rent = Rs. 5,000
- Electricity Bill = Rs. 2,000
- Internet Package = Rs. 2,000
- Maintenance = Rs. 2,000
Total = Rs. 11,000 (per month)
Monthly Program Cost:
- School Education (Teacher Salary for 2 = Rs. 15,000 ; Material Cost = Rs. 6,000)
- Women Literacy (Teacher Salary for 1 = Rs.2,000 ; Material Cost = Rs. 2,500)
- Women Stitching (Teacher Salary for 1 = Rs. 2,000 ; Material Cost = Rs. 1,000)
Total Program Cost = Rs. 28,500 (per month)

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  • Waqar Afzal (Canada:
  • Tahira Asif (Pakistan:

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Rs. 2,00,000 /-

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Bright Vision CRC Sahiwal Fundraising Campaign

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