Online Study Financial Support for Needy Students

Campaign Owner: Isra Akhtar

Campaign Type: Education

Focus Group: Youth

Start Date: Jun 20,2020

End Date: Aug 31,2020

Location: CCRC Lahore

Contact Person: Waqar Afzal


Campaign Description
Community Resource Center (CCRC) Lahore offers a free evening tutoring program in Lahore for Grade 6 to 10 students. The center is closed these days due to Covid-19 so only option for students is to study online use meeting applications like Zoom. We had 60 students attending classes from 4 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. About Twenty of these are able to continue their studies with us online and others have different reason for not joining the online classes. One of the reason for few students is the affodability. These students are either belong to family run by a single mother or parents are not able to purchase internet device (like smartphone/Ipad/Laptop/Desktop) and monthly internet costs. 

We have decided to run a campaign to support 5 families with multiple school age children in their houses. Moreover we have decided to choose families who will be able to share internet with other neighbors to benefit larger community.

Our estimate to support five families is as under:

1. Initial Internet device cost = Rs. 2,000 X 5 Families = Rs. 10,000
2. Monthly Internet cost = Rs. 2,000 X 6 Months X 5 Families = Rs. 60,000
3. Desktop Computer = Rs. 15,000 X 5 Families = Rs. 90,000
Total Amount needed to support 5 families for 6 months = Rs. 1,60,000

Monthly cost after 6 months to support 5 families will be Rs. 60,000 so we will prefer families who have any kind of smart device to give them internet connection and internet package and then help those families who needs to buy a computer as well.

Your support for this noble class in form of cash or in-kind (any used computer or smart devices like Ipads/Ipods/Phones) is highly appreciated.

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Waqar Afzal
647 407 4444

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Online Study Financial Support for Needy Students

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