Pakistan Iftar & Eid Food Gift 2020 Campaign

Campaign Owner: Waqar Afzal

Campaign Type: Social Services

Focus Group: All

Start Date: May 21,2020

End Date: May 30,2020

Location: Mandra & Lahore Pakistan

Contact Person: Waqar Afzal


Campaign Description
**** CAMPAIGN CLOSING REMARKS ***** 23-May-2020
- Mandra Iftar Expenses = Rs. 43,100 (material only - all labor covered by Gul Nawaz from Madni Tent Service - About 80 people enjoyed lavish Iftar in Ghosia Chowk and 40 people in local masjid of village Chahrain - Qasim bhai attended the iftar alongwoth his father and brother)

- Eid Ration Gift Packets = Rs. 15,000 Cash (Rs. 500 per family) plus food items donated by Qasim Zahoor for 30 needy families

- Eidhi Shelter Home Iftar = Rs. 14,500 (for 100 people) 

- Eid gift to 4 workers at Madni Tent Service = Rs. 4,000
Total Cost = Rs. 76,600 (CAD$674)
Please join us in serving iftar to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. In addition to ifar dinner in Mandra we have added few more offerings this year:

- Iftar dinner will be served to public at Ghosia Chowk market
- Iftar dinner will be served in neighbors around Chahrain Masjid
- Eid ration packets will be given to 30 needy families (widows, seniors, jobless) includes Meat, Sawian, Sugar, Tea, etc.
- Iftar packets will be served to 50 Adults and 35 children living at Eidhi Shelter Home in Lahore
- Eid gifts (toys & candies) will be given to 35 children living at Eidhi Shelter Home in Lahore

We are very thankful to these individuals and organizations for helping us serve above communities:

- Gul Nawaz (from Madni Tent Service) who will invite public at this business location to serve iftar meal ; send the iftar to village mosque ; identify needy families he knows in person
- Aqib Shahzad (from Chahrain village) who will help deliver iftar in masjid and identify needy families in the village
- Qasim Zahoor (our CRCM Director and previous owner of La Jawab Grill) who will help in plannig this year iftar in Mandra and also arranging the Eid Ration gift for needy families
- Ihsan Ullah (from Techhub in ManInLahore.Com) to connect us with his team in Lahore and TWT (Taimia Welfare Trust)
- Jalil bhai (from MaininLahore.Com) who is the local contact in Lahore
- Abdul Rub (from TWT) who is leading the preparation and delivery of the iftar boxes and eid gifts at Eidhi Shelter Home

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Waqar Afzal

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674 ; Any extra amount collected will be distributed among needy families

Pay cash to Ishan Ullah (647 297 4083) or etransfer at 

Anyone wanting to donate fitrah to needy families in these communities can also contact us or simple mention in your message the fitra amount being contributed.

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Pakistan Iftar & Eid Food Gift 2020 Campaign

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