CRC Iftar Dinner Campaign - Pakistan 2019 Campaign

Campaign Owner: Waqar Afzal

Campaign Type: Social Services

Focus Group: All

Start Date: Apr 26,2019

End Date: May 31,2019

Location: Mandra & Lahore, Pakistan

Contact Person: Waqar Afzal


Campaign Description
Purpose of this campaign is to collect commitments from our kind donors to sponsor iftar dinners for following communities in Pakistan:

1. AL Siraj Ladies Sewing Center, Village Chahrain (Mandra)

This ladies center was established in Mar 2018 and it not only provides 3 months training program to give basic sewing skills but also has started a new income generation program under which we provide un-stitched clothes to graduates who sow clothes which are sold in the local market to generate some income.

This iftar dinner will be attended by Sewing Center staff, its current students, graduated students and other business partners who are helping to operate this center.

2. Ghosia Chowk, Village Chahrain (Mandra)

This market is about 15 minutes drive from Mandra Police Station, 10 minutes drive to our model village Chahrain and is the hub providing groceries and other professional services to about 12 villages.

We sponsored one iftar dinner last year which was organized by brother Gul Nawaz of Madni Tent Service located in Ghosia Chowk. The iftar dinner was not only served to local shopkeepers and by-passers at his open air store but food was also delivered to one masjid in village Chahrain, two different children madrisas and 10 aitikaaf participants in another mosque is a village.

3. Care Community Center, Lahore

This community center is providing free education to about 60 students from Grade 6 to Grade 10 in an evening program from 4 pm to 8 pm. This center is located in a private house in Nafir Abad, Lahore.

We sponsored one iftaar dinner to staff and students of CCRC who worked together as a team to prepare some of the iftar items.

Please contact the person in-charge to make payments for this campaign.

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Waqar Afzal (647 607 4444)

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We have $350 balance from amount collected for Pakistan last year 2018. This amount will be used as a startup contribution for this year iftar.

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CRC Iftar Dinner Campaign - Pakistan 2019 Campaign

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