CRC Iftar Dinner Campaign - Local 2019 Campaign

Campaign Owner: Waqar Afzal

Campaign Type: Social Services

Focus Group: All

Start Date: Apr 26,2019

End Date: May 31,2019

Location: Markham

Contact Person: Nisar Alvi


Campaign Description
Purpose of this campaign is to collect commitments from our kind donors to sponsor iftar dinners at our local masjid (Markham Masjid), an outdoor iftar dinner on our street at Red Sea Way and more iftar dinners in other local mosques depending upon the collection of funds.

We are also looking for volunteers to commit their time to help prepare iftaar dinners. There will be two iftar dinners, one at masjid and one at our local street at Red Sea Way in Markham.

Please choose one of the following payment methods:

1. Pay to CRC Markham (email transfer to
2. Pay through Cheque to "CRC MARKHAM"
3. Pay cash to any of the following members in-charge

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Nisar Alvi (647 293 4995)
Qasim Zahoor (647 968 1794)
Waqar Afzal (647 607 4444)

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We have $300 remaining from last year iftar so this money will be used towards this year iftar dinners.

Estimate for one iftar on Sunday at Markham Masjid is $2,500 based on special menu we have designed this year. 

Depending upon the funds available, we will either sponsor one iftar using our special menu on one Sunday and just volunteer on other three Sundays OR add our contribution with Masjid contribution to do iftar (both sponsor and volunteer) on all four Sundays using our special menu.

Please hit the "Participate" button to record your commitment and provide us amount you like to contribute and hours you can volunteer on any or all of four Sundays. Jazak Allah Khair.

Please note that this campaign is only for the local iftar dinner. We have created a separate campaign for sponsoring iftar in Pakistan and will be happy to create campaign for other countries if you can find someone willing to lead.

Please feel free to contact any of the above brothers for any questions regarding this campaign,

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CRC Iftar Dinner Campaign - Local 2019 Campaign

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